Medea Vodka With Programmable Message Bottle

Posted on Aug 11 2011 - 10:43am by Robby S.


Apparently the booze business has gone a bit crazy.  More often than not the bottles are so fancy that I buy them just for the "cool factor".  And more often than not they taste yucky.  I am not sure if I consider the Medea Vodka bottle as cool or not, but again I have my wallet in hand ($40).  I am not sure if the contents of the Medea bottle are any good, but they claim a distillation process that pairs artesian water with centuries-old techniques.  Will have to see how it tastes. 

You can program the bottle to display messages up to 255 characters in length.  Perfect for a personalized Happy Birthday type message.  Video of the Medea bottle in action after the break.

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