Cool Custom SMART Cars

Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 8:35am by Robby S.

Smart ForFun2 Monster Truck

At one time I wanted to buy a SMART car, but considering all I would have to give up to drive this thing, it better get significantly better MPG's than a Prius, and it doesn't.  In fact the SMART car only gets 33MPG city and 41MPG highway.  That sucks considering, I will fear for my life, I won't have a dating life, I can only bring one friend along (if any are willing to ride with me), and I will have to tint the windows black to avoid being recognized.  Either way, some folks are passionate about their SMART cars and we have found some of the coolest modded SMART cars, Pictures after the break.

Grass SMART Car Knit Smart Car Sumo Smart Car Wind Up Smart Car Dalmatian Spotted Smart Car Hello Kitty Smart Car Woody Smart Car Ariel Atom Smart Car Lindt Bunny Smart Car Marriage Smart Car Batman Smart Car


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