CueLight Interactive Pool Table

Posted on Aug 30 2011 - 8:19am by Craig

CueLight Interactive Pool System

The CueLight Interactive pool table system is pretty slick.  It is a bit like the interactive hockey games on TV where you can see the digital tail following the hockey puck, but the CueLight is better. 

The CueLight system uses an HD video projector and camera system mounted above the pool table.  The system then projects animations on the surface of the pool table.  Everything from, rings, water, fire, and scantily clad women can be projected on the table.  The CueLight system is only limited by your imagination.

Granted, the good pool players amongst us will think this is quite a distraction from the "pure" game.  And they are right.  But it is sure is cool.  Watch the video after the break, amazing.

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