Samsung MV800 Digital Camera With Multi-Functional Flip-Up LCD

Posted on Sep 1 2011 - 9:34am by Lisa C.

Samsung MV800

Digital cameras keep having the same boring speed bumps, more power, more zoom, a bigger LCD, etc, a bit ho-hum.  This is one of the larger changes I have seen in the digital camera market in quite a while.  The Samsung MV800 digital camera has a huge 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display on the back of the camera that flips up 180 degrees.  Not only does the screen make the infamous one handed self picture easier, it also functions as a bit of kickstand.    Very cool.  Now on to the boring specs.

The MV8000 camera has a 5X optical zoom, a microSD/SDHC slot, 16.1MP sensor, and a handful of cool effects like faux 3D, photo cropping, panorama, and other filters.  Yours for about $279.99 later this year.

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