Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System For DSLR’s

Posted on Sep 20 2011 - 9:11am by Lisa C.


When Engineer Peter Dering couldn't find a clip for his DSLR camera that would allow him to secure it to his belt for quick access he designed his own.  The Capture Camera Clip system ($80) is a well thought out, over engineered, bit of camera bling that I am sure most photography professionals will be using in the near future.

  • Holds ANY camera, from bulky SLRs with heavy lenses to smaller point and shoot cameras.
  • Attaches to ANY strap or belt (up to 3 inches wide), eliminating the need to wear additional holsters, vests or neck straps.
  • Holds your camera securely in place, but keeps it accessible with the click of a button.
  • Holds your camera rigidly against your body, preventing it from bouncing or swaying during physical activity.
  • Compatible with all Arca-Swiss Classic style tripod heads.


Peak Design Capture Camera Clip System

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