Fruit Stickers That Turn To Soap When Wetted

Posted on Oct 26 2011 - 9:44am by gchoe

FruitWash Labels Once you get your store bought fruit home the sticker serves little purpose, other than the mild annoyance of trying to peal it off without damaging the fruit.

This concept is a pretty good idea, if it works.  The sticker is basically dissolves into a fruit friendly soap when it gets wet.  So you bring home the apple, rinse it under the faucet, and the sticker helps wash the fruit.  Nice.

– Washing turns label into Fruit Soap

– No stickers to peel off and throw away

– No expensive produce wash (fruit wash) to buy

– Displays Price Look-Up codes for fast & accurate check-out

– Label can also be removed normally by peeling off

– Water resistant

– Washing / rubbing with water triggers the turn

– Helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides 


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