Butter Keeper?

Posted on Jan 4 2012 - 9:56am by Russ

Pinzon Ceramic Butter Keeper

I am sure many most of you have already heard of a butter keeper or butter bell.  Apparently I live a sheltered life as I just found out, what a great invention.  The invention is an old one actually.  The butter keeper allows you to store butter for over 30 days without refrigeration.  That alone isn't amazing because I happen to have a refrigerator.  Lucky me.  The good part is that your butter is always at the perfect temperature for spreading.  No more rock hard butter on your toast.

The butter bell’s design is quite simple, the top is packed full of butter and the bottom holds water, when you put the pieces together it forms an air tight seal.  Needless to say it is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, yours for only $10.99 here.

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