Alternative Energy Apps

Posted on Jan 24 2012 - 11:01am by Robby S.

Alternative Energy Apps

As alternative fuel vehicles become more commonplace it often takes the fueling stations a while to catch up to the trend.  So it becomes important if you own one of these alternative fuel vehicles to know where you can refuel when out and about.  Whether you have an electric car and need a charge or a homemade biodiesel car and need a fresh source of fuel, how do you find fueling stations?

The folks at Iconosys think they have the answer with their latest batch of alternative fuel apps.

Some of the alternative energy sources they can help you find include:

"¢    Alcohols – ethanol and methanol.
"¢    Compressed natural gas (CNG) – natural gas under high pressure.
"¢    Electricity – stored in batteries.
"¢    Hydrogen – a very special type of gas.
"¢    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – natural gas that is very, very cold.
"¢    Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (also called propane) – hydrocarbon gases under low pressure.
"¢    Liquids made from coal – gasoline and diesel fuel that doesn’t come from petroleum.
"¢    Biodiesel – a lot like diesel fuel, but made from plant oil or animal fat.

Some of the apps are:

"¢   "Alternative Energy Fueling Directory"â„¢app which provides essential information for identifying and locating fueling/charging stations;
"¢    "Where to get Biodiesel" app,
       for those users driving vehicles that ordinarily burn diesel fuels;
"¢    "Where to get NGV" app,
       for those users driving vehicles running on CNG, LNG, or LPG; and
"¢    "My Plug-In Directory"â„¢ app,
       for those users driving vehicles that only re-fuel from electric charging stations.


You can find the apple apps in the app store (duh) and android apps are available from the Android MarketPlace or AppHysteria.

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