Opena – iPhone 4 Case With Built-In Bottle Opener Review

Posted on Jan 26 2012 - 9:31am by Ty G

Opena iPhone Bottle Opener Case

I have no idea if Steve Jobs was a beer drinker, but if he was he would have had the Opena iPhone 4 case with a sliding bottle opener.  It has everything a design freak would like: good aesthetics, useful design, and it's very durable.  The Protective PC/ABS hard case feels tough and has a smooth finish that doesn't get caught on your pockets, and the slide out bottle opener is made of stainless steel that's a millimeter thick.  Most importantly it does what an iPhone case is supposed to do, it protects your expensive iPhone!

Opena Case

When the stainless steel bottle opener is retracted it perfectly frames the Apple logo on the back of the phone.  In addition to framing the Apple logo, the perfectly cut hole allows you to flip the bottle opener out with ease, and it locks open.  I've opened several beer bottles with it, and it feels as firm as a bartender grade bottle opener.  For me, this is an ingenious addition to my iPhone 4S.  As the most interesting man in the world says; "I don't always drink beer, but when I do",,I need a bottle opener.  No more cursing yourself because you forgot the bottle opener on the fishing trip!  Plus, you look smooth when you pull out your iPhone bottle opener at the BBQ in front of the ladies.  Ladies love a man who is prepared, and vice versa!  My only tiny gripe is the volume and mute buttons access could be roomier, but people with more petite fingers won't notice.  Opena's case is worth every penny, and will probably pay for itself in handiness and protection.

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