Digital Storm Aventum Computer With Cryo-TEC Cooling

Posted on Mar 26 2012 - 8:18am by Russ

Digital Storm Aventum PC Case

You either get this type of thing, or you don't.  Some folks get super excited about the way their PC case looks and cools.  While I am over this type of thing, because my PC sits under my desk, not on top of it, I can admit that I was caught up in this trend a while back.  Ten years back, but I still spent some hard earned money on custom PC cases. 

The black box pictured above is Digital Storm's latest, the Aventum.  This is their first shot at a system that comes with Cryo-TEC liquid cooling and a thermal exhaust.  In addition you get five software controlled zones and a whopping 13 fans.  If money is no object, skip the lower spec'd options and dive in with the 2X dual Xeon E5-2630 hexacore system with 32GB's of 1600MHz DDR RAM and a three-way SLI, yours for $7,856.

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