How To Make A Tesla Lightning Bolt Gun

Posted on May 11 2012 - 8:29am by Craig

How to make a tesla lightning gun

Who wouldn't want a gadget that shoots lighting at the pull of a trigger?  Ok, my wife wouldn't want one.  But I would, seriously, put this on my list of gifts I will most likely never get.  The Tesla lightning gun pictured above was built by Rob Flickenger and he has put together a very detailed "˜how to' for the Tesla Gun.

The Tesla Gun is powered by an 18-volt cordless drill battery which powers up a bank of capacitors and a transformer from an old TV.  The power is stepped up from 18V to a full 20,000V.  The gun alone is pretty cool, but the amount of work that went in to making it are insane.  Rob created his own cast aluminum and product molds.  You don't have to take it this far, but you have to love his level of detail.  Here is how to make your own Tesla lightning gun link.

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