Belkin Camera Stand And Remote For iPhone

Posted on May 25 2012 - 9:17am by Russ

Belkin iPhone Camera Remote F8Z896eb

There are no shortage of iPhone accessories, and just when I thought I have seen everything another useful iPhone gadget comes along.  This time I saw this nifty Belkin iPhone Shutter Remote at a wedding.  A friend simply pulled this pocket sized gadget out of his pocket, attached a tiny kickstand on the iPhone, and took a group photo from across the room (30-foot range).

The Belkin Camera Stand with Remote works with your iPhone via Bluetooth and a button for snapping photos and another for taking videos.  I couldn't help thinking of the sneaky uses for this type of thing, if used creatively it is quite the spy gadget.

  • Bluetooth(R)-Enabled Remote Shutter Control
  • 2 Distinct Buttons For Photo & Video
  • Detachable Camera Stand
  • Operational Up To 30 Ft
  • Intuitive App Interface
  • Case Compatible
  • Pairs through Bluetooth
  • Case-compatible
  • 2x AAA battery included

Yours for about $30 here.

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