Defender AL101 Wireless Driveway Alert System

Posted on Jun 13 2012 - 12:22pm by Craig

Defender Driveway Alarm AL101

If you are looking for a simple driveway alarm for your house or business, check out the Defender AL101 Wireless Driveway Alert System.  I recommend getting the unit that comes with three sensors, here.  This way you can have an alert on the front, rear, and one other location.  The Defender AL101 driveway alert system has a 300ft range from motion sensor to the receiver (some folks are getting over 500ft, depends on the environment).  Each of the weather resistant motion sensors will last over 6 months on battery power and have a 30ft detection range.  If 30ft is too much, you can adjust the sensitivity to a lower setting.

  • 30ft detection zone notification the adjustable sensor can detect movement close up and even as far as 30ft away
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use place the motion sensor outside in your driveway or in a restricted parking lot all year round as the motion sensor is made out of weather resistant material
  • Go completely wireless with batteries conveniently this wireless driveway alert was designed to conserve battery life in some cases you won’t have to replace batteries for over 6 months
  • Connect to your security system connect the hand held alarm unit to any security system that has a two wire alarm input so that the alarm will go off when motion is detected by your cameras
  • Two additional AL101-TX motion sensors

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