Insano – World’s Tallest Water Slide

Posted on Jun 19 2012 - 7:41am by Ty G

Insano World's Tallest Water Slide

There is not much in life better than a good water slide.  Water slides are the wet equivalent of the roller coaster.  When you are on a fast and exciting water slide you aren't worrying about homework, bills, taxes, etc,  It is truly a great escape.  The Insano, located at Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil, is the world's tallest water slide at 134-feet (equivalent to a 14-story building).

The ride will only last 4-5 seconds and the rider will reach speeds over 60mph.  The best part, unlike a roller coaster, no one will know you wet your swimming suit.  Video of the Insano water slide after the break (that drop scares me from the comfort of my office chair).

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