EcoXGear EcoXPower Uses Pedal Power For Electricity And Gadget Charging

Posted on Aug 27 2012 - 7:51am by Gadget King

EcoXPower converts pedal-power into electricity

The folks at EcoXGear have launched their EcoXPower gadget that powers both a front and rear light, and also manages to provide a charging port for your GPS or smartphone.  The EcoXPower consists of a few bits that make it work… a dynamo charging system that mounts to the front wheel hub, and internal 700mAh battery, a

front LED light, a set of rear red LED's, and a wired handlebar switch, and lastly a touchscreen friendly water-resistant case for your phone or GPS.  The case is also where you will be charging your said phone or GPS.

  • Never worry about your smartphone or GPS running out of juice. The ECOXPOWER keeps your smartphone or GPS charged while you peddle. Once speeds reach 3 mph the charger will begin to charge your device. Charging times vary based on your speed.
  • This state of the art Dynamo charging system connects to your front fork and uses the force of your wheel as it turns to charge. The ECOXPOWER will keep your USB device charged and also lights your way via the integrated front and rear facing lights.
  • The internal battery has 700mAh capacity. At 3 mph the charging system will begin to power any standard portable USB device ( iPhone, GPS, Galaxy 2,3,note, Blackberry etc) . It takes approx. 1.5 hours at 12 mph to completely charge the internal battery.
  • The integrated front light is 1w 80 LUX white LED and there are 2 rear S/B Red LED’s. The lights can be turned on / off either on the charger or via the wired handlebar mounted On/Off switch.
  • What’s in the box: ECOXPOWER USB charging system with integrated lights, water resistant touch screen case for your smartphone/GPS, handlebar and fork mounting hardware, USB converter cable, Allen key to adjust mount for various hub sizes, and manual.


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