iOS Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Posted on Aug 29 2012 - 8:42am by Lisa C.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

When I was younger I always wondered why my father, and most older folks, were so interested in the weather.  It just didn't make sense to me.  Look out the window, I thought, or better yet step outside and see for yourself.  Well now that I am far from a kid, something shifted and I find myself checking the weather on my iPhone or computer.  So naturally, when I saw the Netatmo Urban Weather Station I realized I had to have one.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station for iOS devices (Android later) lets you know quite a bit more than just the inside and outside temperatures.  The Urban Weather Station works with an iOS app that can track historical trends, share them with other users, and can display temperature, air quality, humidity, pressure, noise levels and even CO2 levels.  So if the CO2 level inside your house gets to high you can open a few windows.  Yours for $179 here.  Watch the Netatmo Urban Weather Station video after the break.

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