Motorola MT350R Giant FRS Weatherproof Two-Way 35 Mile Range Radio

Posted on Sep 24 2012 - 8:06am by Robby S.

Motorola MT350

Motorola's latest FRS Two-Way radio the MT350R (and MT352) are pretty slick.  To start off they are rugged and have an IP-54 rating which means they can take some pretty dusty and wet environments.  Some of the cool features include;

  • a built in LED flashlight
  • a distress signal (broadcasts to other radios)
  • NOAA channels
  • Talkabout Clear "“ improves clarity and distortion
  • PTT power option "“ you can transmit at two different powers
  • Dual Watch "“ you can monitor two channels at the same time
  • Battery options "“ you can use 3AAA batteries or the NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Mini-USB charging
  • Headset connector

We will update the post with a full review when we get our hands on the Motorola MT350 radio.  They are priced fairly at $69 for a two pack.

The Motorola MT350R FRS radios are packed with some pretty cool features, but I am very suspicious of the 35-mile range claim.  I realize the manufacturers (the all do it) put these huge range expectations and the tag it with a tiny asterisk that says something like "under ideal conditions".  Give me a break, I have tried so many radios and they often don't even get 1/2 mile in city conditions, sure they will do better if we are directly across a flat empty lake, but how realistic is that type or range claim?

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