DBEST London Duo Bluetooth Rechargeable Mini-Speaker Set – Review

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 8:28am by Craig

DBEST London Duo Speaker Review

I have been using the DBEST PS4003BT rechargeable wireless Bluetooth mini speakers for a few weeks now and I’m impressed.  It took no time at all to pair the speakers with an iPhone 4s.  I was steaming my music in minutes.  I first used them in the house while cleaning up and left my phone in my pocket. The range was so good that I was able to roam into other rooms and the music kept playing (45 feet).  Read on for the full review of the DBEST PS4003BT speakers.

DBEST PS4003BT Review

I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality from compact wireless speakers.  While you won't get earth shattering bass, the overall range was pretty good for the speakers size.  I decided to try some outdoor action.  I grabbed my beach cruiser, through the DBEST PS4003BT speakers in the basket and streamed some classic rock while riding down the boardwalk. The speakers took a beating after hitting a few bumps and didn’t scratch or stop working. The case material is smooth and sturdy and held up very well.  I really liked the magnetic design that holds the two speakers together when transporting (pictured above).  I’ve owned some less expensive sets that were a pain to move around, these are truly portable.

Between the sound quality, connectivity, and overall well built product, the DBEST PS4003BT is a good choice if you are sick of cables and want a portable option to listen to your music on the run.  The battery life is approximately 20 hours of continues wireless playback and 40 hours of wired playback.

  • Stereo wireless music streaming up to an astounding 45 feet
  • Engineered for exceptional sound clarity and depth
  • Powerful built-in amplifier delivers surprisingly loud volume
  • Stunning, ultra-portable design with magnetic joining bases for easy transport
  • Best-in-class battery performance with up to 20 hrs. continuous wireless or 40 hrs. wired playback
  • Compatible with all standard USB chargers (PC, Car, wall charger)
  • Compatible with phones, iPod, laptop, iPad and all devices featuring 2.1+EDR Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack
  • Includes deluxe travel pouch

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