Addictive & Free Game For iOS & Android = Vector

Posted on Apr 8 2013 - 8:08am by Robby S.

Vector Game For iOS and Android

If you like endless running games like Pitfall, Rush City, and Subway Surfers then it is worth downloading the Parkour inspired game Vector.  It is available on iOS and Android and is a well polished free runner game.  Start off with the free version and see if you don't get hooked,


The game starts off with you as a faceless, mindless worker plugged into a Matrix-like world.  Your every move is monitored.  You've had enough, you break free of your workstation, run down a hallway, and jump out of a window.  Fortunately you land on the roof of a nearby building.  Unfortunately enemy agents are right behind you.

You will quickly learn how to jump, accelerate, slide, etc, Pick up coins along the way to buy additional moves.  Long story short, great game.

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