Hidden TV Mount In A Picture Frame

Posted on Apr 15 2013 - 8:09am by Russ

Hidden TV Mount In A Picture Frame

My wife won't allow me to have a TV in the bedroom, so this is for the lucky guys who are allowed such a thing.  This hidden picture frame TV mount has to be one of the coolest around as it hides a TV (15-32-inches) in a nice wooden picture frame.  When you want to watch TV you simply pull the mount open and can watch TV while laying in bed in your natural resting position.  No more neck or back strain to watch TV at the end of the bed. You don't need a huge TV either, as the TV is only a few feet above your head.

This hidden picture frame TV mount extends the TV a full 40-inches from the wall and is easy to install.  Maybe I can get one if I put a picture of my wife in the picture frame?  Worth a shot.  More details and pictures after the break.

Flip-out tv mount picture frameHidden Flip-out tv mount picture frame

Picture Frame TV MountHidden Flip-out TV Mount Picture FrameHidden Flip-out TV Mount Picture Frame

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