A Tiny, Functioning, Chandelier Inside Of A Lightbulb

Posted on Jun 3 2013 - 10:04am by Gadget King


I know it looks like a bit of PhotoShop magic… but this is a real product.  The King Edison Pendant Lamp made is sold by England-based mineheart.  It’s not actually a light bulb, just a light bulb shaped lamp with a tiny working chandelier hanging inside.  Yours for about £480 (~$730).

Small is beautiful meets a moment of genius, a perfect tiny chandelier suspended inside a glass lightbulb and hung on braided silken cable.

The ‘King Edison’ pendant lamp designed by Young & Battaglia, combines the pure simplicity of an Edison light bulb with the romance and glamour of a Kings chandelier. It consists of a miniature brass chandelier inside a hand blown clear glass shade and satin chrome fittings. Ideal for handing individually or in clusters for maximum effect.

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