STAND A Urinal With Built-In Sink

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 8:03am by Craig

STAND A Urinal With Built-In Sink

So this is a basically a urinal with a built-in sink.  Sounds good at first, then I think about the condition of most bathrooms these days.  Yuck.  Kaspars Jurson has created this concept urinal sink combination and calls it STAND.

I keep reading about how this idea makes sense.  Frankly I am baffled.  I think the urinal sink is gross on quite a few levels.  First of all, many guys seem to have a sprinkler attachment on the end of their, ummm, unit.   Not to get to personal but my stream has laser-like accuracy, so I don't understand guys who seem to spray the entire urinal area like a shower head.  Long story short, this means that you will most likely have pee all over the sink area, including the faucet handle.  No thanks.

Secondly, dudes can be pretty gross and might be tempted to wash their bits in the sink after a few pints of beer.  Sounds crazy, but believe me, it will happen.  I am not even going to delve to deep into the fact that some fellows will just chose to pee in the sink to be clever.  Not cool.

You get the idea.  Yuck.

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