Striker FLEXiT Magnetic LED Light

Posted on Jul 11 2013 - 8:30am by Gadget King

Striker Flexit Magnetic LED Light

One part Gumby and one part LED magnetic flashlight "“ the Striker FLEXiT Ultra Thin Flexible Magnetic LED Flashlight makes many jobs easier.  The Striker FLEXiT 00-112 Light can attach to metal objects with its strong neodymium magnets or can be bent, folded, or wrapped around objects.  You will no longer need an extra set of hands to hold your flashlight for you when doing odd jobs. 

Striker FLEXiT Light

The FLEXiT light runs off of three AA batteries, has a low, med, and high setting, and uses 16 Lumen TechTM LEDs.  Yours for just $26.99 here.

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