Enjoy A Glass Of Wine Without Removing The Cork

Posted on Aug 1 2013 - 9:26am by Lisa C.

Sometimes I want a glass of wine, but don't want to commit to opening the entire bottle.  Because once it is open I feel like I have to drink it up in a few days so the wine doesn't oxidize and start tasting awful.  Greg Lambrecht the founder of Coravin might have just solved the problem.  He has created a wine gadget that inserts a needle through the cork and extracts the wine while pressurizing the bottle with argon gas.  When you remove the Coravin wine needle the cork reseals and the wine bottle doesn't have any oxidizing air left to taint the wine.  Think of it as a wine mosquito, sorta.  Not exactly cheap at $299, but I can't count the bottles of wine I have had to pour out.

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