Pictures & Video Of Will Smith’s Amazing 2-Story Motorhome

Posted on Aug 13 2013 - 9:56am by Lisa C.

Will Smith Motorhome

The pictures after the break give you an idea of how amazing an RV/Motorhome can be when you have endless supplies of money.  At the push of a button this "Mobile Estate" (Can't just call it an RV or motorhome I guess?) not only gets wider but also grows taller.

The inside has a custom full kitchen with granite, a movie theater, a built-in make-up mirror that raises from the table top.  There is a wardrobe room with automatic pocket doors.  The bathroom alone is over $25,000, has a steam shower, electric glass that goes opaque with the push of a button, and runs the full width of the trailer.

Upstairs, yes upstairs, has a 30-person viewing room with a 100-inch screen and is surrounded by windows.  So how much does Will Smith's Mobile Estate cost?  2.5-million.  You have to see it to believe it.  Pictures and video of the Will Smith motorhome after the break.


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