Road Shower = Solar Shower For Your Car Or Truck

Posted on Sep 16 2013 - 10:05pm by Russ

Road ShowerWhile the solar shower bags are handy for camping and such… they don’t hold a candle to the Road Shower.  What the heck is the Road Shower?  It isn’t just showering on the road.  It is a solar powered shower that mounts on to your existing roof rack and patiently waits until you need a hot shower.

The Road Shower is made from powder coated aluminum and holds 5 gallons of water.  The Road Shower is painted black and gathers heat throughout the day and is ready for service at a moments notice.  If things get too hot there is even a radiator style pressure relief valve that lets steam out.

While I imagine you can use gravity feed (not sure if this actually works) for a low pressure shower… the system is actually designed to be pressurized.  You can pressurize the Road Shower with a portable CO2 canister or a bike pump.  After it is heated, and pressurized, take the hose and pick one of the seven nozzle settings and enjoy your shower.  Check it out here.  Video of the Road Shower in action after the break.

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