Road Trip Update… Up To The Canada Border…

Posted on Sep 16 2013 - 7:33pm by Gadget King

Deschutes Whitewater Rafting

We haven’t posted in quite a while as we have been having too much fun or in areas without internet. Last time we posted anything was 6 days ago while in Portland, Oregon. We rafted on the Deschutes River… good times.

In Seattle we ate at the 5 Point Cafe (see menu pic with funny tag line), got a mini sponsorship by Vita Coco which will help us stay hydrated and also serves as a great pillow for our new addition, Little Russ. Little Russ is joining the road trip for a few days.

More pictures after the break.

Stay tuned for the Canada updates…

Vita Coco Pillow

5 Point Cafe

Deschutes Whitewater Rafting

Little Russ Joins Road Trip

You can still track our car here –

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