Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch AKA The SBGE009

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 7:25pm by Robby S.

Grand Seiko SBGE009 Close Up

Many of the watch collector types out there,  at least in the USA, seem to stick to the “standard” brands.  Think Rolex, Omega, Breitling, etc…  Each brand has their signature models, design cues, and technology.  What one watch nerd likes about a watch might not appeal to you.  That is the beauty of today’s watch market… it has tons of choices.

With that long winded intro out of the way… I found a new friend for my wrist while in Tokyo, Japan.  The Grand Seiko SBGE009.  I have been reading about Grand Seiko’s for quite some time… not to be confused with the standard Seiko brand that most folks are aware of.  Two completely different animals.  The best analogy that comes to mind is that a Seiko is a Toyota and a Grand Seiko is a Lexus.  Both great brands… but very different.  Read on for more images and video of the beautiful watch that is the Grand Seiko SBGE009 after the break.

Many American watch geeks won’t even think about spending this kind of money ($6300) on a Grand Seiko… simply because of the fact that most looky-loo’s will think it is a $300 Seiko.  This type of logic is one of the reasons that brands like Rolex tend to sell so well.  I am not knocking the Rolex brand here… I own a few myself.  And, honestly, I don’t care what others think of my watch.  It is a selfish purchase for one person, me.

Some things that I love about the Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch include the glide motion hands, the Spring Drive technology, the waffle indented face (for lack of a better description), the high polish steel, and the power reserve meter.

Let's start from the drive method of a watch.
The method for driving a watch is divided into two types.
They are mechanical type and quartz type.
In a mechanical watch, the mainspring is wound and its unwinding power moves the hands.
Amazing mechanism created by high quality workmanship, and admiration goes to skilled craftsmen with passion.
You can feel the appreciation and personal touch of the craftsmen in the ticking sound.
On the other hand, with quartz watches, the quartz is oscillated by a battery and the hands are turned by a motor.
It is characterized by accuracy using state-of-the-art technology.
What is the Spring Drive like?
This is not a mechanical watch or a quartz watch.
In one word, this is a "mechanical watch having accuracy equivalent to a quartz watch."
The Spring Drive is a self-contained drive system that realizes accuracy equivalent to a quartz watch with only the power of the mainspring and has no battery, motor, or secondary battery.
Accuracy of monthly rate of ±15 seconds (daily rate of ±1 second) equivalent to a quartz watch is achieved while using a mainspring.
The Spring Drive is Seiko's proprietary mechanism which is made available only by SEIKO's unique combination of skills in both mechanical and electronic micro-engineering.


Grand Seiko SBGE009

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