X-Mini WE Micro Portable NFC Bluetooth Capsule Speaker Review

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 10:56am by Russ

X-Mini WE Speaker Review

The, truly, portable Bluetooth speakers, while portable, tend to be a bit lacking on sound quality.  And while the X-Mini WE Portable Speaker ($17) is advertised to be the fix to this problem.  The tag line for the X-Mini WE Speaker is Sound Beyond Size.  I am not sure it is.

First off, the X-Mini WE Micro Speaker looks very cool.  The unit comes with a rubber speaker cap, a lanyard clip, and a very cool gunmetal grey design with a textured rubber grip.  It almost looks like an optical site for a gun.  Read on for more details of the X-Mini WE review.

X-Mini WE Speaker Review1

After charging the unit for just two hours, via mini USB, it quickly synched up with my iPhone 5.  The power status LED is bright and lets you know what is going on with your X-Mini WE.  Blue means it is fully charged, pink means you need to recharge, and red is dead.

Volume is managed by the phone or music player only.  There is a three way switch which handles Bluetooth (3.0), other devices, and off.

The speaker is just 2 watts and sounds ok up to 50% volume.  After that I had a bit of distortion.  The bass is weak and almost non-existent.  The highs are tinny and remind me of laptop speakers.

Long story short, save your hard earned money.  Or, spend it on the amazing (not cheap) Ultimate Ears BOOM Speaker.

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  1. robert September 19, 2016 at 5:33 am -

    This speaker is only 18$ and there is no distorsion til 80%

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