Propane Powered Outboard Engine

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 4:24pm by Pete M

LEHR Propane Boat Motor

If you have an aluminum boat or an inflatable boat that can take an outboard motor (Genesis or Zodiac style) you should pay attention to the new line of LEHR Propane Powered Outboard Engines.  The LEHR propane outboards can run off a larger propane tank with a hose-line or the smaller Coleman Propane Cylinders.  Imagine being able to screw on a tiny propane tank and taking off.  No more messy fuel.  Not to mention that propane costs about half us much and is mostly produced in America.

The LEHR propane boat engines run cleaner and are easier to start than traditional gasoline engines, which means you no longer need a primer or choke.  There is also no gummed up carburetor or winterizing to worry about.  If you are concerned about the environment, which you should be if you plan on eating the fish you catch, the LEHR propane outboards also reduce particulate matter by 97%.  More details and pricing information after the break.LEHR Propand Outboard

The LEHR Propane Outboards are available in the following sizes:

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