How To Make Your Entire Bathroom Touchless

Posted on May 7 2014 - 9:52am by Russ


I happen to be cootie adverse and think that everything in the bathroom should be touchless.  Yes, everything from the water, soap, towels, toilet, and door shouldn't require your touch for operation.  How exactly does one go about converting their bathroom to a fully touchless facility?  Read on for details, it isn't so hard, or expensive.  But it is truly awesome.

OK.  How to make your bathroom touchless-101. 

Let's start off with making your faucet automatic and touch-free.  My favorite touch-free faucet is the Laykor XL78 Automatic ($69.99).  The cool thing about the touchless faucets, and this one in particular, is that you will save water while eliminate cross contamination of cooties.  The XL78 also gives you the choice of battery or wall power.     


Next, let's eliminate the yucky soap dispenser by making it a touch free event.  The SimpleHuman Soap/Lotion Dispenser ($49.95) is a great addition to all bathrooms and kitchens.  The SimpleHuman ST1015 holds 13-ounces of soap, has an adjustable volume control, is easy to refill, has a clear soap chamber, and runs on 4 AA batteries.


OK, now we don't have to touch the faucet handles or soap dispenser, on to drying your hands.  There are two ways to do this depending on your preference, with disposable towels or air.  I prefer air but here are the best of both worlds.  (I like the Dyson Airblade but it is expensive and isn't well reviewed) 

The XLERATOR XL-BW Hand Dryer ($400) is wall mounted and will dry hands in about 10-15 seconds.  The XLERATOR hand dryer will run for 35 seconds or until hands are removed from under the sensor.  The wind force from this one is pretty impressive, also great for cleaning off keyboards and other stuff.  No more need to buy compressed air cans.


If you don't have an electrical outlet nearby or would rather use a touchless disposable towel dispenser check out the Georgia-Pacific SofPull 58205 ($19).  No need to get fancy here, no electrical to deal with or mechanical parts to fail, just a clever paper towel dispenser that works by dispensing one towel at a time.

Georgia-Pacific_SofPull 58205

Ok on to one of the coolest gadgets in the bunch, the new Kohler K-1954 Touchless Toilet Kit ($99) which works on just about any conventional flush toilet.  Installation video to show just how easy it is to convert your toilet to a touchless experience.


While there are full blown automatic door systems, I don't think most people are looking for that type of a solution.  I know I wasn't, I just didn't want to have to get intimate with the door handle to exit the bathroom. Enter, pun intended, the StepNpull Hands Free Door Opener ($33).  A very simple solution that works, just screw it on the bottom of the door with three screws and you are done.


There, you now have a touch-free bathroom!

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