Amazing Table Saw That Refuses To Cut Human Skin, The SawStop Line

Posted on May 8 2014 - 8:50am by Lew

The SawStop Saws almost seem to good to be true and reminds me of the auto-stop feature in many cars automatic power windows.  You know, the feature that keeps the cars power windows from crushing your hand should you accidentally roll it up while your hand is in the window frame.  Well this is the same idea with a lot more technology behind it, and the consequences are much greater.  There are plenty of contractors and rookie handymen out there who are missing a finger or two and wished they had a SawStop Saw when things went wrong. 

The SawStop Saws use an electrical signal on the blade that can detect when skin touches the blade.  Once it recognizes that skin has come in contact with the blade an aluminum brake stops the blade and shuts off the motor.  This all happens 10x faster than a car airbag.  Every saw should have this technology.

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  1. Pete May 8, 2014 at 6:55 pm -

    I’ve had one of these for several years. Works great. I’ve triggered the stop only once. It scared the crap out of me. Brakes aren’t cheap and in my case it tripped without ever cutting me. I was close enough that the far too thin piece of wood between my finger and the blade acted as a conductor. I’d still rather be safe that sorry.
    The estimate is that it would add $100 to $150 to the cost of a saw. That’s a lot at the low end of the market.

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