The AirDog Quadcopter Follows You Around For Epic Videos

Posted on Jun 19 2014 - 10:21am by Adam E


Another day, another quadcopter.  The AirDog is currently on Kickstarter (bummer) but plans to ship in November.  So, what is the AirDog Quadcopter?  It is every action addicts dream for their own personal videographer.  The AirDog is basically a quadcopter that follows the owner via an electronic leash, in the form of a wrist worn device.  Read on for details and an awesome video of the AirDog in action.

So, in theory, you strap the tracker on the subject, launch the AirDog, and get to playing.  The AirDog will follow you around at a height you set and will keep the camera pointed on the action.  The camera, a GoPro in this case, is held in a gimbal mount that can rotate and tilt for smoother video and better tracking.  The direction of video is also controlled by the user, it can fly front, side, or behind the user.

One of my favorite parts, as a DJI Phantom owner, is the ability to fold the quadcopters arms down for easier transport.  The body of the AirDog is also weather resistant for extreme outdoor conditions.  So what happens if a tree or electrical pole is in the way of the action?  The AirDog also has a built-in collision detection system.

Now the bad news, it isn't available for purchase today as it currently lives on KickStarter where it has blown through the $200,000 goal (currently at $265,000).  Not sure why the folks at DJI aren't doing this type of thing as they currently have a head start in the quadcopter space.  OH well. 

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