The Coolest Cooler

Posted on Jul 11 2014 - 9:55am by Lisa C.


Well the name of this cooler certainly fits "“ The COOLEST. This high tech cooler design is going to shake up the cooler business,  similar to what Elon Musk did to the car business. I would argue that the cooler guys have been asleep at the wheel for the last 50 years, changing little more than sizes and colors. 

The COOLEST comes chalked full of goodies. First of all it has a cool bright orange color and retro styling. That is where most other coolers stop innovating. Not Ryan Grepper. The Coolest has so many items that it is probably better you just hop past the break and watch the video.  This thing is on Kickstarter with a $50,000 goal and is already well over 2,000,000!!

  • 18 Volt rechargeable blender (you already have the ice and beverages onboard)
  • Removable Bluetooth speaker
  • Waterproof USB port for charging other gadgets
  • Built-in LED lights for seeing what is in your cooler at night
  • Reusable plate holder/cutting board
  • Rust-proof ceramic knife holder
  • Extra wide wheels for sand and rough terrain
  • Split lid and divider
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Adjustable Gear tie-down strap

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  1. Now this is something I will buy July 11, 2014 at 3:42 pm -

    Love the concept and I know it will sell to those who know what a cooler needs . Send one to me so I can truly know how much I have been missing you must gave one for a test case ???

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