Silent Beacon Makes Calling For Help Quick And Easy

Posted on Jul 31 2014 - 10:25am by Craig

Silent Beacon

Remember the awful Life Alert commercials from the 80’s?  If not you can watch a few over here.  Well, the Silent Beacon is the high-tech version of this technology that uses your smartphone for the brains and connection to the outside world.  Read on for details.

The Silent Beacon is designed to live on your keychain and be there whenever you are injured or feel unsafe.  The device can be programmed, via the app, to do a variety of different things from calling 911, to texting/emailing a list of people, sharing your location, etc…

There is a built-in GPS tracker so that if you can’t talk you can let your emergency contact list or 911 know where you are. Currently the Silent Beacon is funded at Indiegogo where you can get your own for $90.

Silent Beacon Features

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