Awesome Hi-Tech Halloween Costumes

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 5:14pm by Craig

smartphone costumes and masks

Some people love Halloween and spend quite a bit of time thinking of the perfect costume. Others, like me, hate the idea of dressing up as something lame and end up skipping the costume party altogether. I think I might show up to the halloween costume party this year thanks to the clever kids at MorphCostumes.

They are fairly priced and there are some pretty awesome designs from masks ($45-$60) and t-shirts ($25-$30) that use your smartphone/tablet screen to play custom animations. Pretty clever. My favorite costumes here are the MorphSuits which are a one-piece zip-up snuggy style costume. The naked guy and the hillbilly are pretty funny.

You gotta see the video, after the break, to see how clever/cool these costumes really are.

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