Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle Build Update #1

Posted on Oct 23 2014 - 4:06pm by Russ

Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle Build Update

Remember the Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle from August? If not, check it out here. The build is under way and this is the first build update that we are posting (technically two updates in one). The Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle is starting to take shape. Plenty of pictures, and details, after the break showing the forks, headlight, speedometer, gas tank, exhaust, etc… 

9/30/14 Update

I’ve attached some photos of the initial build process. I’ve kept the shots black and white so the colors of the raw materials don’t distract you. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. We’ve crafted the triple tree from high grade steel, which you can see is quite minimalist and quite flawless. 🙂

2. Check out the fat front fork

3. We’ve extended the frame slightly to accommodate a longer unibody.

4. I’ve also included a shot of the cardboard mockup of the tank. Please ignore the crudity. It’s just part of the process and it takes a lot of revisions to get it just right.

Bandit9 Bishop Motorcycle


10/23/14 Update

Bandit9 Bishop Top View

I just wanted to give you another photographic update. Again, I’ve kept the images black and white because the original colors may put you off. Also, the bike looks rough but trust me, it will have a beautiful finish once we are done with this.

Here’s where we’re at:

1. The tank is almost done. This is the toughest part of the entire build but if we don’t get this right, the entire thing won’t be great. And that’s what we want. Not just good. But great. Please continue being patient with us. We just want to deliver something magnificent.

2. The muffler is something that’s PERFECT. I assure you, there’s nothing out there like this and it is definitely an important piece in the entire bike. I hope you like it. We’ve worked really hard to make it beautiful.

Bandit9 Bishop Muffler

3. We are currently working on the seat right now as well. It will be made from suede leather and it’ll look raw and plush. I’ll give you an update on this soon.

4. We’ve chosen very large and sporty tires to improve the performance of the bike. Also, the tires are quite condensed in terms of spacing, again to help out with performance.

5. The headlight is quite nice as well. We are currently making the mounting bracket for this now.

Bandit9 Bishop Headlight

6. You can also find the rear brake light, which embedded neatly into the unibody unlike most motorcycles out there.

Bandit9 Bishop Break Light

7. The handlebars are custom and have been fabricated to fit the fatter forks better.

Bandit9 Bishop Speedometer

8. We’ve ordered the wood through a yacht company already. It is going to be made from a wood that can only be found in Vietnam and is far more premium than regular oak, maple or walnut. It is tougher, has a fragrance and will be coated with waterproof sealing.

9. Overall, the bike looks a lot more aggressive than the original Honda Supersport. It also has a taller stance thanks to the wheels, custom fork and rear suspensions. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this will turn out.

Bandit9 Bishop Tank

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