Netgear Arlo Wireless And Waterproof Security Cameras

Posted on Nov 10 2014 - 8:29am by Russ


Remember the Avaak VueZone wireless cameras? They were eventually purchased by Netgear and are pretty good little cameras. Well it looks like Netgear is in the process of improving and rebranding their wireless security camera dubbed The Arlo. No word on if they plan to keep, or replace, the VueZone cameras with the newer Arlo system which is expected to launch February, 2015.

The Arlo camera system is similar to the VueZone system and uses a base station which you connect to your router or modem, and up to 15 wireless cameras. Adding this many cameras would be quite expensive. The Arlo System comes with two cameras (and the base station) for $350. Each Arlo camera is powered by two CR123 batteries which are expected to last up to 6- months.  So, what makes the Netgear Arlo better than the previous VueZone system? Well, honestly, just three things… but they are pretty important things, 1) weatherproof, 2) 720p high-definition video, and 3) night vision.

 Arlo VMC3030 Weatherproof 

Video of the Arlo system after the break.

Arlo iPhone App

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