Honda N-TRUCK / N-CAMP Shrinks Recreation

Posted on Feb 6 2015 - 10:57am by gchoe


Honda started off their vehicle game with tiny cars. They are manufactured in Japan (duh) where space is a premium so many vehicles are smaller versions of the ones that make it to the USA.

No exception with their latest truck and camper combo the N-TRUCK/N-CAMP. This, dare I say, cute combo looks like a miniature fifth-wheel setup. It isn’t, it uses a traditional hitch but does go over the mini truck bed. So make sure you pack light as you can’t have anything sticking up above the bed line.

The trailer is stylishly appointed with some green velour chairs, a table, LED lighting, and more. I doubt this awesome little recreational combo will become a reality however. One can hope.

nbox_ncamp-tiny camper

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