BESV E-Bikes Make Getting Around A Bit Less Challenging

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 10:59am by Russ

BESV Lion LX1 Electric Assisted Bike

There are plenty of “e-bikes” running around these days. Most aren’t more than a traditional bike with a motor, battery, and throttle installed. Think of the latest wildly successful IndieGogo Storm Electric Bike campaign. Time will tell how that controversial bike will play out, but I’m not going into that here. I was lucky enough to spend a few minutes riding on a BESV e-bike. Wow. Read on for details.

BESV Lion E-bike

There isn’t anything technically “wrong” with the simple approach to most e-bikes, but there is a huge difference in the riders experience when compared to a BESV e-bike. BESV e-bikes are designed from scratch for their specific purpose of moving people (almost) effortlessly. When you first get on a BESV bike it feels familiar but you can’t help but notice the cool integrated controls. Where the BESV line of bikes (Lion LX1, Panther PS1, and Jaguar JS1) really shine is in how they have managed to smoothly transition from self powered pedaling to electric-powered assistance. Riders don’t need to think about throttling up and down as the bike adds power (at your desired level) only when you are pedaling. It is almost like you are pedaling with the wind at your back, even when going up hills. So much fun!

BESV e-bikes

Our proprietary, custom-built power drive system, Algorhythm, is integrated into every BESV e-bike. Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, Algorhythm calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance whenever it is required.

There are tons of other amazing features and details packed into the BESV bikes like intelligent battery management, headlights, aluminium¬†frames, disk brakes, etc… Look forward to doing a more detailed review of the BESV bikes in the near future.

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