Carabiner Grappling Hook

Posted on Apr 1 2015 - 10:22am by Ty G

Carabiner Grappling Hook

I am not sure exactly why I need a Carabiner Grappling Hook but I do. I did. Now I just need to find a place in the house to hide it from the wife.

The TI-EDC Carabiner Grappling Hook is supposedly handmade and can hold up to 880lbs of weight. The world looks different when you have a grappling hook in your backpack. Top floor of the parking garage. Should I take the stairs or rappel?

Grappling Hook

Not sure where this “handmade” grappling hook is manufactured but I have my suspicion after reading this description –

“Knuckle of using oil quenching process, the hook claw reached the highest level of soft hardness (maximum hardness of 39), play the steel in extreme operating
conditions reliability. “


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