Wavekat P70 Watercraft

Posted on May 18 2015 - 9:15am by Gadget King

Wavekat P70 Watercraft

You have $25K burning a hole in your pocket and already have a new car or truck? Time to buy a Wavekat P70. It drives like a car with a standard steering wheel and an accelerator pedal.

Able to perform 90º turns while continuing at high speed, the catamaran style layout allows this water go-kart to remain stable so you can put your foot down and power across the water at speeds of 35+ knots (65kph). The Wavekat is one of the most agile luxury water toys you'll ever come across "“ jaw-dropping fun and impressive manoeuvrability will have your guests lining up for more.

Video of the Wavekat P70 after the break.

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