Mando Footloose G1 Chain-less E-Bike With A Twist

Posted on Jul 29 2015 - 10:06am by Russ


Sure this e-bike looks modern, even a bit strange. Yes it folds up pretty small. It also has a color LCD screen to control resistance and acceleration. There is plenty of aluminum, lithium-ion, and carbon fiber. Still not impressed? How about the fact that the pedals aren’t attached to a chain. In fact the pedals don’t do anything for propulsion at all. The pedals are basically attached to a generator and are used to recharge the battery. Crazy right? Sounds like a good idea until you hit a hill and realize that if the electric motor doesn’t have the power for the climb. All of the pedaling your little legs can muster won’t help you get up that hill. The Mando Footloose G1 E-Bike is still pretty cool though.

mando footloose g1 ebike

Video after the break.

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