Tetra-POD Clamshell Trailer Opens To Become A Boat

Posted on Aug 3 2015 - 10:04am by Pete M

Tetra-Pod Trailer Boat Loaed Up

The Tetra-POD is a handy little work/storage trailer that can be towed behind a car or ATV. Perfect for hauling anything from debris to your gear. That alone is not super amazing. In my best infomercial voice – “But that’s not all…”. The Tetra-POD lid opens and connects to the lower portion of the trailer creating a boat. More details, pictures, and video after the break.

Tetra-Pod Boat Launching

Tetra-Pod Trailer

The Tetra-POD was created by Predator Plastics of Alberta Canada and is now manufactured by Agri-Plastics. The trailer can hold 2,000-lbs and 27 cubic feet of stuff and even has a dump function. Hook it up to your ATV, fill it with your gear, drive it to the shoreline, dump your stuff, and go fishing.

Tetra-Pod Fishing

As a boat it can carry two adults and up to 766-lbs. It weighs 230-lbs, is 11-feet long, and can handle a 3 hp motor. Yours for $3,000 and up.

Tetra-Pod Trailer Boat Opening

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