The New Apple TV

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 10:44am by Robby S.

The New Apple TV
Apple announced a few new items yesterday including the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and a totally redesigned Apple TV. The new unit is called “The New Apple TV”. Really? Apple, if you are listening, clear out the old model and just call the new one “Apple TV”. Things are starting to get confusing over there. I digress.

The new Apple TV is a pretty large leap for an already good product. You now get a new remote with a glass touchpad, integrated Siri voice control, 6-buttons (no more left, right, up, down), an accelerometer, a gyroscope, volume control, Bluetooth (bye bye IR), and a lightning port rechargeable battery. From watching the demo video it looks like Siri can accommodate about any query. Some sample voice requests in can accept are “show me comedies”, “play music from Hanson”, “show me movies with Jim Carey”, etc…

Gaming is about to get real on the TV as the controller has both an accelerometer and a gyroscope built-in. Similar to the old Wii remote control. The tvOS is built on iOS and will have an AppStore for standard and game applications. Pretty slick. Video of the New Apple TV after the break.

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