Flying R2-D2 Drone

Posted on Dec 14 2015 - 9:38am by Adam E

R2D2 Quadcopter Drone

On the same day that our “government” decides that everyone has to register their “drones” an R2-D2 drone hits the skies. The FAA is making it a requirement for people to register their unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Ridiculous in my opinion. I will rant alone loudly in my office about this while planning my move to another less repressive regulated country.

The R2-D2 quadcopter on the other hand is pretty damn cool. It was created by Don Melara who is a bit of a Star Wars fanatic. This astromech has DJI guts, GPS navigation, LED lighting at the feet to look like jetpacks, an articulating dome, a CCD camera, and speakers to make the famous R2-D2 bleeps. Video of the R2D2 drone after the break.

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