Best UTV Skid Plates For The Money

Posted on Dec 30 2015 - 9:18am by Russ
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UHMW UTV Skid Plates

If you were lucky enough to get a new UTV or Side-by-side for Christmas this year, congrats. I got a self balancing scooter. You know the “hoverboard” gadget that sends old men, like me, to the hospital. I’m not complaining. Thanks Uncle Vinnie. But… it isn’t a Kawasaki Teryx or a RZR XP 1000. I’m just saying!


So, for the lucky ones, you now have your shiny new UTV and want to improve it a bit. Before adding any unnecessary bling or speaker systems, add some skid plates. Why? Because they will ultimately save you money, time, and costly repairs. Not only do they make sliding across obstacles like rocks much easier, they also protect the components, frame, passengers, and body that would otherwise take a beating. This means less costly repairs, less time being stuck, a safer ride and a bit more confidence in your UTV’s abilities.

Read on for details.


There are many options and opinions about skid plates and I have read too many of them. I am not going to further the discussion about which is better, aluminum or UHMW plastic (Ultra High Molecular Weight). However, I will tell you this – the UHMW skid plates are slipperier and stronger than metal ones. Both things were important to me so I chose UHMW. I bought mine from because they have some of the best designs available at fair prices and they stand behind their products.

Installation isn’t too tough but will take some time defending on which UTV you have. For the Kawasaki Teryx you will have to drill some holes and compress some nutserts with a riveting style tool. It took me about 3 hours to finish the installation. Once completed it is a thing of beauty.


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