DxO One Camera For iPhone

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 9:29am by Russ

DxO One iPhone Camera

If you are serious about your photos but don’t want to carry around a fancy point-and-shoot or a DSLR you may want to take a look at the DxO One. The DxO One connects to the Lightning port on your iPhone and uses the phones screen for a pretty nice, and large, viewfinder display.

For the casual photographer amongst us the iPhone camera is probably “good enough”. But, for the more serious photo-folks amongst us who don’t want to carry a large/heavy camera read on.

The DxO One is truly portable. It easily fits into a purse or pocket. The camera connects to the iPhone via the Lightning port which aids in speed and reliability. Once connected to the iPhone, the DxO app launches automatically and you are ready to shoot.

DxO One iPhone Camera Attachment

The camera has a physical shutter button and a small touch sensitive display on the back. The app is very good and includes camera settings like aperture, ISO, focus method, white balance, flash, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc.

Check the DxO One out here.

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