TappLock Smart Padlock Uses Fingerprint To Unlock

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 9:47am by Lew

TappLock Biometric Padlock

No more keys or codes to remember for your padlock. That is if you have the TappLock (by Pishon Labs). The TappLock (still on Indiegogo) can be opened like your iPhone 6S, with your fingerprint. There will be two versions of the TappLock, a smaller version with a 6-month battery life and a larger version with a 3-year battery life. The large version can also be used like a power bank battery for charging your phone. I hope the USB power port needs fingerprint authorization before giving up power or people will certainly exploit this feature.

They aren’t the first folks to the game with a biometric padlock. In fact you can go buy the Talon MR60-1TB¬†assuming you can stomach the awful reviews. What happens when the battery dies? Well, you can’t open the lock. That could be a problem. You can register up to 100 fingerprints to the TappLock and also use your smartphone to unlock the padlock via Bluetooth. I wonder how this lock stands up to a hammer or bolt cutter. Video of the TappLock in action after the break.

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