New Jersey Bill Would Make Texting & Walking Illegal

Posted on Mar 28 2016 - 9:10am by Russ

Texting and walking

Some everyday life things can be super annoying. For example, how about the person who wants to start a deep conversation in the elevator. Or the group of people who bogart the entire sidewalk as if they own it.  Then there are the texting zombies. You know, the people who walk into walls, cars, people, and more while tinkering with their phones and walking. Ok, you get the idea. Well, the last one has assemblywoman Pamela Lampitts attention. She recently introduced a bill that ould ban any hands-on use of electronic communication devices (phones!) while walking on the state’s public pathways. If the bill passes, and you get caught, you could face a $50 fine and 15 days in jail. 15 days in jail! Seems harsh, but I like it.

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